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Birth Control

Birth Control at Our Peachtree City office:

  • Essure®
  • NEXPLANON® insertion and removal
  • Mirena® IUD
  • Paragard® IUD insertion and removal


Lifeboat Medical Associates is pleased to offer Essure® permanent birth control to our female patients. The procedure can be performed in the comfort of our offices without general anesthesia.

The Essure® permanent birth control procedure is the first and only FDA approved female sterilization procedure to have zero pregnancies in the clinical trials. The procedure is permanent and is NOT reversible. Therefore, you should be sure you do not want children in the future.

The Essure® permanent birth control procedure is different than the traditional method of a surgical tubal ligation. With Essure® there is no cutting into the body. Instead, an Essure® trained doctor inserts spring-like coils, called micro-inserts, through the body’s natural pathways (vagina, cervix, and uterus) and into your fallopian tubes.

During the first 3 months following the procedure, your body and the micro-inserts work together to form a tissue barrier that prevents sperm from reaching the egg. During this period, you will need to use another form of birth control.

After 3 months, we will perform an Essure® Confirmation Test, a special type of x-ray to confirm that your tubes are completely blocked and you can rely on the Essure® micro-inserts for birth control.

Unlike birth control pills, patches, rings, and some forms of IUDs, Essure® permanent birth control does not contain hormones to interfere with your natural menstrual cycle. Your periods should more or less continue in their natural state. For further information about this procedure please contact our office.